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Abnormal Periods

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Most women have a regular 25-35 day cycle, but sometimes things can get a bit strange.


Possible problems include:

  • Irregular or missing periods: Sometimes your period might show up unexpectedly or take a little vacation.

  • Frequent periods: Some women might feel like their period is always in town.

  • Bleeding during intimacy

  • Bleeding between periods: If you're spotting when you shouldn't be

  • Heavy periods: When your flow feels more like a flood

  • Absent periods: no periods for a number of months

Abnormal periods can happen for various reasons, like stress, weight changes, or hormonal issues or structural abnormalities of the uterus. At the gynaecological office of Dr Marina Demyanenko, we're here to figure out the why.


A visit with us involves a friendly chat about your history, a gentle examination, and maybe a peek inside with an ultrasound. We want to not only understand what's going on but also find the best treatment plan that suits you perfectly.
Let's get your periods back on track!

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